What is DevOps

Let us understand what exactly DevOps is, before jumping into this trending and more amazing concept, let us start our exploration from the words Dev & Ops. Dev – mean Development / Ops – Mean Operation – so from this we can simply understand that, the combination or collaboration of Development and Operation – the team at once place is DevOps – an amazing work culture.

Benefits of DevOps:

  • It promotes & ensures collaboration between Dev & Ops team
  • Effective utilization of various resources it could be a process or an engineer
  • Saves Project execution time – means fastness, Better output – that is project effectiveness, cost effective ness, will helps to gain effective client satisfaction

Finally, these are all helps to boost Organizational capabilities to play better in the market

Why this Culture – DevOps Needed? A story to make a beginner understand:

Let us try to re-visit our regular working style with an example

Suppose a person A, B, C belongs to Dev team or Development team &

D, E belongs to Operation team

Now A, B, C developed a complex project with many integrations in development environment in development phase. At later stage it pushed to Operations team for deployment.

Here the story begins –

Unfortunately if some issue arises at deployment time, a war begins between Dev and Ops teams – Dev team says it’s absolutely working fine in our system , however some issue is raising in your next deployment environment ( that could be some  server or an environment it could be your SIT or UAT or may be a Production System ) – so we are not at all responsible for it or we are not going to take ownership to support you in any manner.

Operations team may throw back the deployments saying – our system is amazing there are now flaws detected so far, even we took several precautions to deploy the deployments as per the process. So, this is the issue of deployments. 

So, here could be many scenarios, sometimes issue could be at Dev team’s components, sometimes the issue could be Ops team’s deployment process, or some issue might have raised because of some communication gap or some other reason.

How it works:

It starts with Dev and Ops team collaboration by vanishing its boundaries, to go above and beyond.

This new process strictly advises to deploy features / a developed component out of a pool of components or code snippet, into production or into any later stage system quickly and to detect and correct problems when they occur, without disrupting other services existing. Its also advises to automate the traditional way of doing things

– In short: it’s a collaborative culture, measurement, automation and sharing.

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