DevOps Tools

DevOps has become an interesting topic as it expanding its wings on multiple platforms here few people will confuse like what is DevOps exactly is it a keyword? Or a project? or something else here, you can find the exact concept behind DevOps.

We have various kinds of organisations in the software industry like services and products and mixed platforms, so every organisation is having its infrastructure and has maintained a dedicated team to handle. On the other hand, they have a development team as well to develop code and apply it on multiple platforms to fulfil the requirements, so here the work culture matters.

Developers dedicated to doing their work in development platforms and operations teams will take care of its monitoring and maintenance. The work culture will be like this, but when DevOps came into the picture, the work culture has changed in such a way that developers and operations teams will work closely to release a perfect solution.

 From this, we can say that DevOps is a culture where Dev and Ops teams will work together to release a particular solution.

Before DevOps tools, we have a keyboard that is famous nowadays that is Automation, yes Automation is a kind of process which helps to automate tasks using different technologies and tools. Automation helps the firms to work smartly and effectively that will lead to stable production. This concept was involved in DevOps at a high depth rate. DevOps tools are the skills that help engineers to automate their tasks easy. DevOps culture contains various tools at various phases like code, deploy, etc


Code: Git, JIRA

Build: Maven, Gradle, Docker, k8s, AWS

Release: Jenkins, Bamboo

Deploy: Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Salt stack

Monitor: Nagios, Splunk

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