Before going to Git, first will discuss version control systems and how Git started its journey to DevOps.

The version control system is the platform where all system or specific project-related files stored. It collects changes and information. In version control systems, we have two types that are centralized and distributed version control systems.

The centralized version control system is a central unit where all the files stored and managed from this server. It contains different types of files like source code or documents. User will access data from this central server, and he will do whatever the changes required to run the code smoothly. The pinpoint here is he has only one file, and he will make the changes in that so when we think it in team side, it will be difficult to update every time and checking for every turn in the source code.

The distributed Control system is the concept where the load divided into two distributions one is the central repository, and the second one is a local repo that is stored at the client system as a duplicate copy. Here one copy will be download to the local machine, and we can do changes in that copy later we can push it to the central server. It will be swift and reliable compared to centralized version.

Git will come under a distributed version control system, and it assures for data to release a perfect solution or a product. Git is an open-source product to use, and It is widely used in various IT firms in multiple platforms to manage their source code. Majorly I use GitHub and Bitbucket to manage my source code. Git uses different terminologies to maintain a system like Push and pull we can say Git operations. Git is a very secured and reliable tool, and it is widely used by DevOps teams to manage Code phase in the development cycle.

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